After a smashing success for the young Portuguese with Block Me on Nyx, PEACE MAKER! isn’t afraid to flaunt his full repertoire of talent with Silent Movie.

PEACE MAKER!’s talent is undeniable at this point: centering the bass/tech house scene’s attention on himself with tracks like Look It, Don’t Really Care feat Nostalgix, Power Money Streets and more, Pedro has captured the eyes and ears of the likes of Jaycen A’Mour, Tiesto, Firebeatz, Madison Mars, Matroda and others in his career thus far. A promising young gem in the minefield of the Portuguese scene, he stands out for his unbridled talent and strong ambitions, which have helped Pedro gather a lot of momentum in 2020 so far. With the success of his previous track Block Me already a distant mirage with 60 000 plays on Spotify (at the time of writing), PEACE MAKER! directs his focus to Silent Movie.

Out now on Brooklyn Fire – label to groundbreaker, trendsetter and scene veteran Tommie Sunshine – Silent Movie couldn’t possibly have a better home: much like Tommie himself, PEACE MAKER! wasn’t afraid to experiment and push his personal boundaries even further, whilst never letting go of the PEACE MAKER! swag.

A track that is far from black and white, Silent Movie is conducted by a stentorian and ever-present bassline, revolving around sparkly percussion, racy kicks and a plethora of weird and funky samples designed to make you move. The breakdown features an unnerving vibe, with scintillating risers parading the way to the second drop.

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