Yesterday, Joey van Ingen aka Radical Redemption, announced on social media that in the next few days he would launch 7 episodes in his saga “The Road To Redemption” where he shows what his life is like and what he does behind the CDJ’s.

He has already released some very interesting episodes on his YouTube channel, it is noted that the life of a DJ is not easy and requires a lot of physical and mental effort.

This DJ is a perfect example that humility makes him the DJ he is, having time to take pictures, short conversations and autographs, together with Nolz, this saga is getting excellent.
Special attention to the 7th, because as you can see in the title it will be all about the “Mayhem in Portugal”! We’re sure our followers from our homeland can’t miss this episode.

He announced on the newsletter that the album is being worked on very intensely and with all possible passion, something very special is on the way and we can’t wait for it to come out soon. You can listen to at least 2 of his tracks here, which were “released” on the Qapital 2020 mix album on Spotify.

You are tired of hearing about this virus and everything around you but it will be okay and we know how boring it is to stay at home but this will help you to stay at home with ease.

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