In difficult times like this, people tend to forget what really matters the most, their perspective is a dangerous blurred view that quickly turns first world problems into a selfless despair, eager for primal wishes. It is our obligation to take a step aside from these actions and to get a higher perception of what is really happening in life. These may be the words that best summarise Dr. Peacock’s latest track and its message behind and beyond it.

We Will Meet Again was released for Peacock Records and, as it would be expected from the Dutch producer, it counts on a Frenchcore tune, filled with heavy, bassy and punchy kicks that are thoroughly mixed with some classical music, from the instruments that were used to some relaxing chorus voices that curiously fit just fine with the speed and hard sounds that come from the rest of the elements.

Even though it may not seem at first like a special track, We Will Meet Again was made with a unique intention as it has been previously mentioned and as it can be seen in Dr. Peacock’s own words:

A while ago I met Dennie. We had an instant connection. […] I knew Dennie was sick, cancer, and it would not take long before he lost his very tough battle.

When he lost his fight, I was so sad! I wanted to do something to remember Dennie. I also wanted to create a reminder, for myself and others, to focus on the great things in life – to laugh, to be with your loved ones and to help others where you can.

I knew that a song for Dennie was the best way to do that.

Sit back, put your headphones on and listen to a music that is way more than just a combination of sounds:

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