You know something huge happens whenever these two gigantic names of big room join forces, and the The Chase is no exception.

It seems like magic happens whenever the Thivaios Brothers collab with Quintino. Both Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike as well as Quintino represent the very best the big room scene has to offer: sold out the biggest stages, released the biggest tracks and have the biggest fans. Currently both at the top of their games, nothing seemed to stop either Quintino or the Thivaios brothers in 2019, and 2020 hasn’t been an exception thus far.

Real life friends and brothers from another mother, Quintino and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s story goes back for a while having already released collabs like Boing and Patser Bounce – titanic releases that have graced mainstages over the years. Their latest effort, The Chase is yet another one to keep us fans drooling over festival season in 2020.

Starting out with massive stadium horns backed up by a lead inspired by acordeon samples, The Chase is, structurally speaking, very sound although somewhat generic. But the sheer power and energy involved in the drops cannot be denied: featuring earth-shattering kicks, bright synths and rampant energy, The Chase is out now to leave our ears ringing and your mouth slobbering.

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