Famous producer from down under, Audiofreq, has slowed down a bit from his recent ventures through Hardcore to present us an absolute banger, a Hardstyle track named Shredder!

The track starts soft with a clap and a melody. Out of the blue the mid-intro with an epic reverse bass with a punchy kick strikes you in the face, leaving you breathless. Some crazy screeches join it just before the break, which lowers the momentum a bit, but manages to maintain the track’s intense feeling alive. The artist resorted to different sounds to make up the melody here, which makes up for an interesting variation. The build up does a good job in raising the tension once again with mayhem being unleashed in yet another full on climax.

This is one of the most energetic tracks we’ve heard as of lately and an amazing job from a producer that’s always been innovative and had a very unique approach to the harder styles.

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