Many of those that have been for long enough in the harder styles will recognize the track that is celebrating its 10th anniversary today: The Hard Way! Made by two of the most promising producers of the time, Geck-o and Phrantic, the track was released back then in the now defunct AVIO Records, under its ‘Volume 3’ EP, along side other 3 great tracks.

This track really matches up to its name. It’s punchy and very heavy, while still being dancefloor ready with its simple but effective melody. The vocals were a huge part in it as well, with fans knowing the words for it by heart. It was one of those tracks that played a big role in getting people more into Hardstyle, including some here at Wide Future!

What were then talented, upcoming producers are now renowned names in the scene, Geck-o with his The Funky Cat parties and label, and his unique look at the harder styles (and music in general), and Phrantic with skillfully made releases on the Dirty Workz imprint.

To celebrate this huge milestone, a former label colleague of theirs (back in the Theracords days, a label where all these artists released on), Wavolizer, decided to release his Hardcore take on this track.

So be sure to sit back and rejoice with this updated, Hardcore version, or reminisce about the past with the original one… Or maybe have a listen to both today! And don’t worry, it’s not only you getting old… We all are!

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