During this weird social isolation time, there’s nothing like good music to make you feel like you’re not really alone at all. Dyro and Julian Calor just joined forces and released something that will boost your weekend: Warp Speed.

There’s no introduction needed for these two. They’ve made their own way up into the dance music industry and their latest track shows off why they were some of the greatest producers of the Revealed Records family (their ‘birthplace’ as producers and DJs). They’ve previously worked together on Dyro’s edit for Julian’s Lost in Nightlife.

Firstly, Julian Calor went on a whole journey. From his breakthrough track Typhoon that granted him a spot at the Revealed Records‘ family, to his debut album Evolve, which came out back in 2015, to his latest projects and tracks signed under Monstercat, he continuously impresses his audience with quality music, beautifully produced.

Then, Dyro has also been on quite a ride. From producing deeper Dutch sounds such as Dirty Mind, that came out in Grapevine Grooves, to Grid with Bassjackers, to being mentioned by Hardwell as one of the biggest upcoming producers in the whole world back in 2013 when they first premiered their Never Say Goodbye collab, he really confirmed Hardwell’s statement and he became, indeed, one of the best producers of his generation.

Warp Speed embraces everything you would expect from a track with such minds behind it. Incredible sound design, where you immediately recognize who made it. That’s the beauty of these guys, they make everything fresh and still make you feel like you know what to expect. But you really don’t. With a three-part buildup right before the second drop, this track is ridiculously energetic.

You can now stream this one everywhere, so make sure you do it now!

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