Fans were very eager to get their hands on this one, and it is finally out! Sub Sonik’s second album, named Kings Never Die, is here. This is the long awaited follow up to Strike One from back in 2017. After listening to the entire album a few times, it’s time to give our feedback and review the songs.

To The Ones w/ Kimberly – Let us begin the evaluation of the album with a magnificent sound in which the melody and kick combine in a fantastic way. The lyrics are sung by the singer Kimberly who, with her magnificent voice, completes this track. The first of many tracks with excellent climax.

Infinity (Demi Kanon Remix) – “Infinity” was once one of the most famous tracks played by Sub Sonik, both artists thought Demi Kanon could remix it to fit into his style of production and the end result is very good, an incredible melody and a very detailed kick.

Where’s The Party At? – A track full of kickrolls, where in the first anti-climax there is a fantastic kick detail that is quite attractive, perhaps the best detail of the track. Besides, the melody is quite pleasant and the kicks? These are Sub Sonik’s kicks, a beast!

Haunted w/ Bass Modulators – This track has a very funny story, basically the track was a work in progress during Bass Modulators’ preparation for Qlimax, which ended up shelves for being unfinished. Sub Sonik heard it and talked to the duo to take this unfinished track and go back to work on this project and launch as a collab, an excellent initiative by Sub Sonik because the track is very good, joining roughness and melody in good measure, and giving it a spooky atmosphere.

To War w/ Atmozfears – It was one of the most anticipated tracks as it has been played countless times by both DJ’s. It all started when Atmozfears published on Twitter a post in which this was the track he was working on, the fans were amazed at the progress made and wanted the track to come out as soon as possible, and after a long time here is it! An excellent melody from Atmozfears and the powerful kicks from Sub Sonik, a great work of art made by both artists.

Brave w/ Carola – Many producers and DJ’s are looking for Carola to help them on the tracks when it comes to “Who should sing these lyrics?”. “Brave” contains a very attractive melody that motivates a lot and pulls a lot from the fans. Carola, once again, making a difference in the tracks. This track was already out and we had the chance to feature it back then.

Rebel Baby Remix – A melody that makes fans sing, Sub Sonik decided to take the work of Outsiders and create something in his style, just by listening to the track you can imagine the audience singing along this melody and the dancefloor shaking! The anti-climax is something impressive on this range.

Darkness – One of the best tracks on the album without a doubt, in addition to the very powerful kicks from Sub Sonik, the melody is capable of being the strongest point of the track, because when you combine the kick with the melody on this track, the final result is indeed awesome, congratulations Sub Sonik! This vocal sample is somewhat overused in the harder styles, but it fits this track rather well.

Gates of Hell – Something darker on the part of Sub Sonik. It starts with an extremely punchy kick in the mid intro, and a deep vocal leads us through the break, with a harp in the background. The melody in the climax seems somewhat “generic”, or familiar in some way, but that doesn’t really make the track less impressive.

The Rain – This time something completely outside of what Sub Sonik is used to producing. This time this king decided to produce something sad but even so, with an immense energy and once again, the end result is really great. This is another track that was already released and that has impressed us so much that we had to feature it as well.

Fight for Survival w/ Alee – “What are you waiting for? Fight for Survival!” In addition to excellent lyrics, the melody is impressive with a very euphoric feeling and let the kickrolls begin! Another unique track to add to all the amazing ones released ever since this artist joined Dirty Workz.

Dark Universe – The intro has interesting tribal drums in the background, along with vocals that explores a theme that many harder styles artists have explored: the universe, as the track title gives away. Intense synths are the high point of this track, the vocals just before the climax are really deep with some sort of “water like” effect deep down that just suits them marvelously and the melody is really good.

Music Is My Suicide w/ Rebelion – another track for the Top 3 of this album, after the huge success of the first collaboration “Bring it On“, these legends decided to come together for this excellent track with a sad, but very good feeling, one of the best tracks without a doubt. Unfortunately these use rather known vocals as well. However this is a very high level collaboration and these artists do not joke around in the studio, and have created a heavy, uplifting track that’s just magnificently well produced overall and just works wonderfully on the dancefloor, and on your headphones.

Pride is Forever w/ Disarray – The kick on the mid-intro here is rather punchy and the screeches in the climax are interesting, but this isn’t really a track that’s got our attention

Go F*ck Yourself (Digital Punk Remix) – Digital Punk always has an interesting approach to all his tracks and this remix is no exception. He went all out in aggressiveness with the first climax, with earth shattering screeches and a full on kick and bass, and more melodic, but still pleasing on the second climax. However we still prefer the original to this one. However your mileage may vary, and you’ll certainly be in for a treat here if you’re a Digital Punk die-hard fan!

Kings Never Die w/ Kimberly – The album’s anthem and what a fat anthem! The track had to take a few changes because of copyright, because initially Sub Sonik wanted to use the vocals for Eminem’s song, by Gwen Stefani. Sub Sonik took some time to find the perfect singer and Kimberly was the right choice for reworking the track.

Overall, the album was excellent, after so much time without showing any signs of life, Sub Sonik releases this fantastic album and it is worthy to review it. His own kicks and excellent melodies, for those who doubted him, he is here to shut you up!

Sub Sonik: a king who will never die
Favorite tracks
  • Music Is My Suicide
  • Darkness
Least favorite tracks
  • Pride Is Forever
  • Go F*ck Yourself (Digital Punk Remix)
6.7Overall Score

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