One of the hottest tracks hitting the airwaves as of lately is a collaboration between legendary producers B-Front and Adaro. Named The Phoenix of The Night, this track was supposed to be premiered on the upcoming edition of Qapital which, unfortunately, was cancelled. But nevertheless, these artists released their latest track to help fans make these tragic times a bit more bearable!

The track starts right off with an intense atmosphere, as we’re used to on all tracks where B-Front puts his hands on. The intro also has the beautiful vocals from Nikki Milou and a heavy melody filling the speakers. The climax is punchy, with percussion elements heavily influenced by Adaro’s sound. A screech separates the climax from the break, and we have an interesting vocal element here with the singer whispering, contributing to the overall dark atmosphere. In the second part we experience a melody variation here with many kickrolls throughout, along with an opera-like backing vocal that tops off.

An impressive work from these artists and one of those collabs worth highlighting because both of the artists signature sounds and style can be found in equal measure along the track. These experienced producers managed to masterfully craft a delightful track that will certainly amaze everyone!

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