In this chaotic moment, we are all at home sitting on the couch waiting for everything to get better, and we are confident that everything will improve, we just have to do our job, and for sure you are as bored as we are. Gearbox decided to help us spend time productively and decided to launch a compilation with lots of new tracks from various DJ’s and even edits!

It was an excellent initiative on the part of Gearbox in order to insist people to do the duty, to be civilized and respect what the government asks, because even today we see people disobeying and not paying due attention to what is happening at this moment, don’t forget, #SaveTheSummer. We congratulate this excellent initiative on the part of Gearbox and the DJs for creating these bangers.

This compilation contains tracks from DJ’s who have been part of the Gearbox history and are still in Gearbox today. Krowdexx, Fraw, an Overdose Edit by Rebelion, Sickmode, Avoc and more. It is beautiful to see all the DJ’s united in this cause and to be in the studio taking their time to release these bombastic tracks.

We advise you to take a look at this compilation, as we consider that most of the tracks that are on this album, are, until now, the best releases that some DJ’s have put out thus far. And the important is that you stay home for a while! This should help you, feel free to make an absolute rave in your living room with whoever you live with!

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