The streets are empty, schools are closed and most of the jobs have stopped due to the coronavirus spread being a serious threat to the public health security, which forced governments to impose a general quarantine, but to make you a little less bored about what is happening, here is a selection of free software that may be useful for you to produce.

First of all, to officially be able to call yourself a producer, you will need to get a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), which is a software that allows its users to record audio, edit it and even to design it.

The best (Free) option would be Cakewalk from BandLab, that gives you a complete DAW for Windows, with everything you need for a round number of 0€ and, besides that, when you sign up for it, you will find yourself in a social network where you can post your tracks, listen to other user’s tunes, obtain any type of loops in the sounds library, etc.

BandLab has also an online version of its DAW, but keep in mind that this is a simpler version, not so suitable for producers, as it aims at recording artists.

Avid Pro Tools is a well known software for both macOS and PC and, as you may be wondering already, yes, it is still paid, although, the company decided to give a treat to the music lovers that are suffering with this pandemic by offering a limited number of 90-day licenses for free to qualified media enterprise and educational institutions, which means that not everyone can have a Pro Tools license, for companies need to submit the request for licenses on behalf of their employees, a bureaucratic process that is definitely worth the shot.

There is also the Avid Pro Tools First that you can get for free forever, but expect it to be a cleaner version when it comes to the things you can do with it.

If you’re a macOS user and not able to purchase Logic Pro X right now, Apple has released Garageband that is seen as Logic’s little brother for fusing a lot of its functionalities and all of them, for completely nothing. You can download it right here.

Once you pick a DAW, you will need to download some plug-ins, especially when we are talking about a free software that most probably won’t bring any synths, therefore here is a website where you can find any type of tools that cost nothing: Plugin Boutique.

There are two synths that deserve a mention for becoming free in this tough time, being them:

  • Voltage Modular from Cherry Audio that comes with the following message: “stay at home and learn to master modular synthesis”
  • Analog Dreams from Native Instruments that has also a positive message: “stay safe and keep creating”.

So which one of these will you choose to start producing with? Or have you ever used any of these? Tell us about your experience on our socials!

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