Another delightful song is coming your way from the renowned Scantraxx imprint, this time by the hands of Envine! We can’t get enough of the enticing vocals featured here and we’re pretty sure you won’t as well…

Right off the gate we’re greeted with a soft piano melody in the background and the heartfelt vocals. This leads way to a soft broken beat in the background. As we progress, we get the intense melody and a build up that leads us to a part with a deep kick with a well pronounced bass accompanying it. The break after that has the vocals well treated with some interesting effects. The second climax repeats the amazing recipe of the first, giving the track that last extra burst of energy. The outro features the vocals with the pitching effects once more, and a nicely distorted bass down below.

This is one of those artists that has truly focused on his sound and how to improve it, and it really shines on his latest releases. This is another epic track to join bangers like Music of The Mind and Back To You. What’s your take on this one? Let us know on our socials!

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