Although we are going through a delicate moment, the Dutch DJ and producer, Don Diablo releases another great theme leaving fans quite curious.

The world is going through a very negative period, due to the Covid-19 virus, which in addition to China, where it all started, affects a large part of Europe at this moment, however Don Diablo decides to give some joy to everyone who is at home and launches “Bad“, a theme that he had already announced on his social networks and with the voice of Zak Abel, a collaboration that he had been longing for.

It is probably a different production than what Don has done, however, it keeps the features of Future House that he has accustomed us to. It is worth noting the quality that Don Diablo has to innovate and create something new, also taking advantage of the voice of Zak Abel making a dream team here. This same quality only demonstrates why Don Diablo is one of the best in his style and stands out from the rest.

With an album yet to come out in 2020, we must wait for more productions of this quality on the part of Don Diablo. For now, you can hear “Bad” below:

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