It’s been two years since David Guetta’s daring move to create a new alias based around his house origins, and 2020 seems like THE year for Jack Back!

“Founding father of dance music”, “the Grandfather of EDM”, “trendsetter”. These are only some of the names used to describe David Guetta, and most of them are 100% correct. There is no denying what David has accomplished in the music world. Rising from humble Parisian origins, David went through everything and now he’s on top of the dance music AND pop music world. A well-respected musician, artist, DJ, producer, showman, one can even say David embodies everything dance music.

However, with this much success comes also a looming curse: we fans expect more of the same by artists, and that can be mentally draining, focusing one’s creativity on the same genres all of the time. In 2018, David decided to broaden his horizons once more, and break the mould, thus birthing Jack Back: a new take on the house/progressive house in which David first honed his skills. First track Overtone was disorderly to say the least, a far cry from Guetta’s usual sound, and since then, his sound has been constantly shifting but always staying true to the religion that is House Music.

Having been ripping dancefloors with his inaugural 2020 track Body Beat feat. Tom Staar, we’re now blessed with Superstar DJ. Though not as focused in the pure house sound as usual, Superstar DJ is as disruptive as expected. Grabbing iconic vocals from Chemical Brothers’s god-tier original and gritty electro-inspired synths, Guetta fully lashes out his creativity for a texture-ridden drop, being polished and rough at the same time. The break has definite festival anthem vibes, but climaxes beautifully in another magnum opus drop by Guetta, fully channeling his inner Superstar for this track.

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