Hard Driver is inviting us to Focus On Music, something we will gladly do, with his latest track! This one is out today, March 20th, on Q-dance Records!

We start the track with some heavy vocals, followed by a mid intro that starts with a distorted bass that’s just out of this world, which then shifts to a rather punchy kick. The vocals guide us throughout the track and are very well treated and placed on the track. Until the break we’re treated with a plethora of kick and bass combinations, all of them other impressive. The break features the vocals prominently once more, with an orchestral-like background. The melody is rather air piercing, with the build up being short and straight to the point, leading us to an energetic climax in Hard Driver’s unique style. The second climax varies from the first, keeping things interest, and features a “fake drop”. We then have a piano outro that smoothly closes the track.

This one will surely get any dancefloor moving! We take it this is one of those tracks that Hard Driver would treat us with during his special Qlimax performance, which was unfortunately hit with the recent wave of event cancellations.

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