Dreading the cancellation of your favorite festival? Fear not, as the Portuguese have figured out a clever solution.

The coronavirus is sadly here to stay, at least for a couple more weeks, and given the safety policies many governments have adopted against coronavirus, then it is safe to assume you’re stuck at home – and if you’re not, you definitely should. Shops, restaurants, museums, bars and every public establishment is mostly closed or under severe limitations to protect against COVID-19, and many festival organizations are taking decisive strides by either cancelling or postponing your favorite festival. Then what shall we festival goers do in the meantime?

A small group of people from Portugal have followed the steps of many individual artists that have streamed their content, and have organized an entire festival around that! It is called the “Festival Eu Fico em Casa” – translation: the “I’m staying at home festival” –  and it is an initiative that unites artists from all genres: Portuguese rappers, singers, bands and DJ’s have all joined forces to provide entertainment and sweet music vibes to those in their homes.

Starting tomorrow, March 17th, around 80 different artists will stream a 20min-30min live show for their fans on their own personal Instagram pages, all organized under the wing of the festival, with shows from the likes of David Fonseca, Fernando Daniel, Bispo, António Zambujo and more. As for dance music, we’ve got BRANKO, DJ Ride, Stereossauro, Moullinex and Xinobi representing our side of the music world. The performances will be featured until March 22nd, starting everyday from 5pm to 11pm GMT.

Tune in if you’re a fan of Portuguese music, or if you want to support this encouraging concept intended to ease the passing of time during the current adversities we face. So turn on your biggest sound system, video-chat your friends and get the party going!

For more information check out the festival’s facebook page HERE
Full schedule and artists’ Instagram pages listed below:

17h00 – Bárbara Tinoco @tinoco.barbara
17h30 – André Henriques @_andrehenriques_
18h00 – Elisa Rodrigues @elisarodrigues.music
18h30 – Buba Espinho @buba_espinho
19h00 – Filipe Gonçalves @filipegoncalves_oficial
19h30 – João Pedro Pais @jpedropais
20h00 – DOMI @domi_8500
20h30 – Cristina Branco @cristinabrancoficial
21h00 – Boss AC @bossacoficial
21h30 – Diogo Piçarra @diogopicarra
22h00 – David Fonseca @davidfonseca
22h30 – Samuel Úria @samueluria
23h00 – BRANKO @brankoofficial

17h00 – Tiago Nacarato @tiago_nacarato
17h30 – Lince @lince.music
18h00 – Irma @irma_______________
18h30 – Filho da Mãe @umfilhodamae
19h00 – André Sardet @andresardetoficial
19h30 – Tomás Adrião @tomas__adriao
20h00 – Chico da Tina @chicodatina_almostofficial
20h30 – April Ivy @aprilivymusic
21h00 – Murta @bymurta
21h30 – Fernando Daniel @ofernandodaniel
22h00 – Márcia @marciaoficial_insta
22h30 – Noiserv @noiserv
23h00 – Supa Squad @supasquadmusic

17h00 – Paulo Sousa @paulonsousa
17h30 – Afonso Cabral @afonsoc
18h00 – Joana Espadinha & Cassete Pirata @joanaespadinha & @cassetepirataoficial
18h30 – Tainá @tainamusic
19h00 – Fábia Rebordão @fabiarebordao
19h30 – Bispo @bispo2725
20h00 – Mirai @eversenpai
20h30 – Marta Carvalho @martacarvalhomusic
21h00 – António Zambujo @antonio.zambujo
21h30 – Mafalda Veiga @mafalda_v
22h00 – Matias Damásio @matias_damasio_oficial
22h30 – Prodígio @pro2da
23h00 – DJ RIDE @djride_beatbombers

17h00 – Tomás Wallenstein @tomaswallenstein
17h30 – Sean Riley @seanrileyandtheslowriders
18h00 – Frankie Chavez @frankie_chavez
18h30 – Catarina Munhá @catarinamunha
19h00 – Kalú @kaluferreira58
19h30 – Cláudia Pascoal @claudiapascoal_
20h00 – Nelson Freitas @iamnelsonfreitas
20h30 – Marco Rodrigues @marcorodrigues_oficial
21h00 – AGIR @agirofficial
21h30 – Pedro Abrunhosa @pedro.abrunhosa
22h00 – Capicua @a_capicua
22h30 – Pedro Mafama @pedromafama
23h00 – Stereossauro @stereossauro_beatbombers

17h00 – Valas @johnnyvalas
17h30 – O Gajo @_ogajo_
18h00 – Joana Almeida @joanaalmeidafado
18h30 – Luís Severo @luissevero_
19h00 – Benjamim @eusouobenjamim
19h30 – Jorge Benvinda @jorgembenvinda
20h00 – Cálculo @ocalculo
20h30 – Rui Massena @ruimassenamaestro
21h00 – Héber Marques @heber_marques
21h30 – Carolina Deslandes @carolinadeslandes
22h00 – The Legendary Tigerman @thelegendarytigerman
22h30 – Ana Bacalhau @anabacalhau
23h00 – Moullinex @moullinex

17h00 – Fausto Bordalo Dias @festivaleuficoemcasa
17h30 – João Só @joao.so.insta
18h00 – Sara Correia @saracorreiafado
18h30 – Júlio Resende @julioresende.piano
19h00 – Selma Uamusse @selma_uamusse
19h30 – Ricardo Ribeiro @ricardoribeiromusic
20h00 – Best Youth @wearebestyouth
20h30 – Nuno Ribeiro @nunoribeiro_oficial
21h00 – Ana Moura @anamourafado
21h30 – David Carreira @davidcarreiraoficial
22h00 – Luísa Sobral @luisasobral
22h30 – Tiago Bettencourt @tiagobettencourt
23h00 – Xinobi @xinobi

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