Adaro has joined together with Mark Vayne for a very special track. This one will immediately get you hooked as it is a truly heartfelt masterpiece that speaks directly to everyone, as we’ve all went through really bad phases in life and this is an uplifting track that reminds us that bad times shall pass.

The track revolves around Mark Vayne’s amazing vocals and lyrics. It starts with a soft melody and his voice urging the listener to resist through all his/her struggles and be as strong as dynamite. The vocals lead way to an impacting melody. In the build up we have the classic Adaro atmosphere we’re used to, and the vocals just before the drop. The climax isn’t too heavy, which fits the overall mood of the track, but is extremely energetic! We’re quickly led to another long break with the inspiring lyrics. The second climax varies slightly from the first, finishing the track in great style.

Adaro went a bit outside the box, while keeping his unique style, which is rather refreshing to listen. This legendary producer has made huge hits in the past and this one is certainly one of his best tracks! Did it speak to your orange heart? Let us know through our socials!

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