In this article we will bring you the latest status updates from festivals amid the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Be sure to bookmark it, as we will be keeping it up to date!

[Last updated on 22nd April, 5pm GMT]


For festivals in The Netherlands: Please keep in mind the ongoing Save Your Ticket campaign. As a rule of thumb for all festivals, and summing up, for events taking place up to 13 months after their originally intended date, your ticket remains valid for the new edition, or you can request a voucher, valid for at least 12 months, or a refund, that will be sent to you one month after the new date for that event. For events that cannot take place in that 13 months timeframe, you’ll get a voucher, or you can request a refund that will be sent up to 3 months after the original date of the event.

Ultra Music Festival

Cancelled, postponed to March 2021. Ticket holders should soon be contacted.

Tomorrowland Winter

Canceled, no dates yet for next year. Refunds are being issued.

Masters of Hardcore – Magnum Opus

Postponed to September 5th 2020, in the same venue and with the same lineup. Tickets are valid for the new date.


Postponed to 18th and 19th September, as per their website. Tickets will remain valid, with no more being sold via Rampage’s website.

Pussy Lounge Winter

Cancelled, tickets are valid for the Summer edition in June 20th.

The Palace eXperience

Postponed to November 14th 2020. Tickets are valid for the new date, but you can request a refund where you’ve bought the ticket starting today (14th March), up to 30 days after (13th April).

Reborn Music Fest

Cancelled, refunds are being issued.


Cancelled, alternatives are being found. Updates due on the 18th.

Confirmed to be canceled, Q-dance couldn’t reschedule. Ticket holders are being contacted regarding refunds.

New date found for 2021 – April 3rd!


All events up to the 31st of May are cancelled or will be postponed. For any inquiries drop a line through the link provided in they Facebook post.

Midnight Mafia 2020

Postponed, new date to be announced soon. Tickets are valid for the new date, but there’s a refund option available.


Cancelled, you’ll be able to either ask for a refund or to exchange your tickets for the next year’s edition.

X-Qlusive Phuture Noize

Cancelled, other options are being looked at. Ticket holders will be contacted in the upcoming weeks (the artist is still releasing his upcoming album soon, despite this).

New date – 12th September 2020


Cancelled, the organization is looking into how to handle this. Ticket holders will be contacted until the 1st of May.


The organization is trying to find a new date for it.

15 Years of Yellow Stripe

The event is being postponed, the organization is trying to find a new date, hopefully this summer

Harmony of Hardcore

Cancelled, next edition will be on May 22nd 2021. The organization is working out options regarding handling purchased tickets.


Cancelled, next year’s edition will take place on July 16–18 and July 23–25. Ticket holders will be contacted in the next few days.

The Qontinent

Cancelled, with next year’s edition scheduled for 13, 14 and August 15, 2021. Ticket holders will be contacted early May with a voucher to spend on tickets for next year, or the following.

Rampage Open Air

Cancelled, will issue vouchers to ticket holders that are valid for any Rampage event in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and merch.

Sunrise Festival

Cancelled, vouchers will be sent to ticket holders. Next years dates are 25, 26 and 27 June.

Decibel Outdoor

Cancelled, dates for next year are 21 and 22 of August. Both tickets and travel packages already bought are valid for next year. Ticket buyers are to be contacted soon.

Intents Festival

Cancelled, dates for next edition are 4, 5 & 6 June 2021. Tickets are valid for next year, however you can swap them for a voucher if you so wish, to be used for Intents or Karnaval Festival tickets, or eventually ask for a refund. Vouchers and refunds can be requested starting on the 4th of May.


Cancelled, next year’s date is July 17th. The Friday pre-party with its already announced lineup and the new campsite will still be there. Tickets and travel packages are valid for next year. Ticket holders will be contacted and they can opt to keep the ticket, get a voucher (valid until the end of 2021) or a refund (can be requested until 22nd of May).


Cancelled, new dates are 27th-29th August 2021. Tickets will remain valid and the organization is trying ti get the same lineup on board for next year. Their FAQ can be found here. Vouchers and refunds are possible, as per the Save Your Ticket campaign, and decisions are to be sent in before May 20th.


Cancelled, with the 2021 edition expected to take place in the last weekend of June, however, this is pending confirmation, so don’t reschedule flights for now. Ticket holders will be contacted until May 23rd, and tickets are automatically valid for next year. FAQ is available here.


Cancelled, next year’s edition will be on 26th and 27th June 2021. Ticket holders should be receiving emails regarding this on the 22nd April. Tickets will remain valid, with voucher and refund options available.

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