Following a well successful track with Canadian Nostalgix on IN/Rotation’s Rotate Vol.2, PEACE MAKER! carries the momentum on NYX with Block Me.

Real name Pedro Martelo, PEACE MAKER! is a trendsetter: hailing from Portugal, a scene where big room, techno and hardstyle stick out as the most played, PEACE MAKER! just scratched that and decided to do what the f*ck he wants, banking on bass/tech house and other bass stuff in general. Pedro has carved out a niche in his home country, which gives him the opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd. After doing exactly so with his last release – Don’t Really Care – he rises to further heights with Block Me.

An anthem to the creatures of the night, Block Me needed a special home, and it found one with NYX. Named after the Greek Goddess of the Night, NYX is Future House Music’s sublabel, dedicated to extracting the best talent out of artists from the scene, and PEACE MAKER! took that chance to heart.

With Block Me, we’re quickly introduced to plucky percussion and hummable bassline backed up by an instantly palpable groove. A voice commands our moving feet, ordering to block out all haters. The drops feature a twisted and janky nature, always supported by the ever-present groove, transitioning nicely to the breakdown, highlighting the tight and slightly scruffy synths, using samples reminiscent of FISHER’s sound, rounding off 3:26m of pure goodness.

Block Me works as both a mainstage banger and an underground club anthem, and PEACE MAKER! be preachin’ with Block Me, do you want to listen?

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