For hardcore lovers, listening to the tracks within this scene is an ordinary action, that probably happens quite often, although, do they all know the trek that this special genre has taken since its very first moments? Well, Furyan has clearly decided to make a summary of how Hardcore has changed since its prime times to our current days with his new release, where he is taking you for a Bass Journey.

The Dutch DJ, that has already released some heavy material with collabs that count on names like Angerfist, Tha Playah, Drokz and most recently Nosferatu for the Exodus’ anthem, disclosed in 2019 that a new album of his is in the making and, as we can see on his profile bio, the name picked for it is apparently the same as his latest track:

In a closer look at Bass Journey, we can tell you in a brief way what you may expect from it, but keep in mind that there is nothing as good as giving it a listen. Right from the beginning, you will get to hear to some early hardcore vibes that will make you feel like you’re in the older gabber days. Despite this, the BPM tempo is around 190 BPM’s, which gives it a fine mix of the old-fashioned style and the most modern tunes, that tend to climb its speed as high as our audition allows to.

The streaming version is around 3 minutes, but be aware that this may feel like too short for the fans of the older type of kicks (present here in a modern version), thus, you can find the extended version at and as well purchase it there.

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