After a long hiatus, Frontliner seems to be getting slowly back on track. His latest release together with John Harris is proof of that. All That Matters represents exactly what we’ve missed while this artist was laying low!

The track somewhat revolves around the vocals and starts with John Harris’ amazing voice and a soft melody in the background. The vocals then give way for the melody to raise its intensity as the track builds up. As we venture through the track, we’re led by an addicting melody and a deep kick with well rounded bass. The break features the vocals prominently and shortly after the track climaxes for the last time with a variation in the melody. “If you wanna fly, it’s all that matters”, and this track will certainly make you fly. We can definitely see straight away that the “spatial-like” melody will work well in big sound systems.

Frontliner has been a relevant member of the harder styles community for a long time and it was sad to see him almost disappear. Fortunately it appears he’s getting back on track, making one of the finest tracks he’s ever made. This one’s reminiscent of his earlier sounds that joined roughness and melody unlike others ever did. We’ve been long waiting for his upcoming artist album, and hopefully he’s finally ready to release it in the near future!

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