Yesterday morning, master Unresolved released a sentimental and encouraging track for fans on his label RSLVD Records.

The track contains lyrics by former American President Barack Obama, with a very famous speech. Unresolved’s intention in producing this sound is to thank fans from all over the world for their dedication and to never give up on their dreams, the track was mainly produced with the intention of encouraging people.

It has a very attractive melody and the kicks are unmistakably from Unresolved. The vocals were very well fitted to the track, the work of Unresolved is to be respected. It is not very common for this DJ to do this type of tracks, but this one is superbly well made, proof that this sub-genre is not always based on aggressive kicks and loud melodies.

Speaking a little more about him, Unresolved opened his label RSLVD Records and received very positive feedback from Xtra Raw fans at the time for being innovative, and new releases were on the way, such as these:

Before Unresolved chose this path in his career, for a long time belonged he was part of Xtra Raw’s biggest label, Gearbox Digital, where he released the album “Act of God” that you can listen to here, 19 tracks of pure quality:

This DJ has already been present at many festivals and is another name that we see mostly at festivals in the Netherlands (but not only), he usually fills stages and destroys them, as you can see in this video:

This producer was another one that Gearbox recruited and made him go up a lot in his career before he left the label. He went down paths that made him happy, and so it was, Unresolved is seen as a master in the Xtra Raw scene.

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