Talk about superstars making a collab… That’s just what happened when Warface & Rebelion joined in the studio to make Opening Statements!

This track is quite good, as it is divided into two parts, the first ruled by Warface and the second by Rebelion, in which they swear to speak the truth and only the truth through the strong vocals!

The whole track feels like a court case between these artists, which gives it a rather unique theme. Warface brought in his heavy, high-pitched and high-powered kicks to the mix, while Rebelion brought their Metal influences on board, finishing off the track in great style with a punchy kick!

The composition of the track is something fantastic as they demonstrate their best level of production with just a single song, on this track.

But that’s not all… Rebelion have a new live act “Overdose“, it all started at Supremacy and we were there!

This set is based on live edits, mostly kicks but the melodies are darker and heavier than normal, as you can hear from the collab, the last drop it’s an “Overdose” kick. This new live act was certainly an inspiration for their part on this track. Head over below for a glimpse of what we witnessed:

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