Yesterday during the afternoon, the Italian duo of Xtra Raw Hardstyle released a thunderous track, the remix of Rebelion‘s track My Mind and what a track!

In the first drop, nobody expected a moment of Trap, a moment that impressed many people. The lead and the screech of the track are also amazing, massive respect to the work done, it is not by chance that we are making an article about this track. The kicks that these two Italian gentlemen have been working for a long time are to be praised because they are unique and that is what we like so much, that is why as soon as they released the first track, the public reacted in a very positive way and managed to get a good number of views and quickly got a good following.

But, after all, who are they? Destefanis Giulio and Calvino Simone better known as Krowdexx were born in Italy and after long years of work, in 2015 the Dutch label X-Raw, together with them, decided to release the track that made their name known in the harder styles, “Y.A.T.“, and quickly had great feedback, as we mentioned.

In that time, they released more and more tracks and the Xtra Raw style grew more and more! Bello!

In 2017, they signed a contract with Gearbox Digital and thanks to that they have been getting better and better because this label was exactly what they needed, it was the icing on the cake. Since then, they have collaborated with Malice, Thyron and many other huge Xtra Raw names. Bookings? These Italian boys have already performed in Intents Festival, Fatality and Loudness and not only, but these 3 festivals have a great reputation for being so famous and good, and they have marked a step in the respective editions.

They have also released a mini-album “Moshpit” and we risk saying that it was at that time that they exploded and everyone started listening to Krowdexx, you can check it out here:

We mentioned before and we’ll do it again, the future of Xtra Raw is guaranteed! If you were curious to research more about this duo, make sure you follow them on social media!

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