The young Dutch Frenchcore producer, Sefa, released a chilling song today, based on Linkin Park’s classic namesake track.

Crawling” is the name of the song, based on Linkin Park’s music, this track really has something out of the ordinary that Sefa is used to include in his productions.

Talking a little more about Sefa, thanks to Dr. Peacock and beyond, this kid has been launching banger after banger and his number of views and plays increases every time, because the quality of his productions is quite high, at a very young age! I’m sure you’ve heard of Sefa, last year his name was everywhere. He is now widely talked about, we can hardly wait for what awaits us in the near future in relation to him.

He’s been doing a lot of shows and filling stages everywhere he goes, so if you’re attending a party where he will be soon, he’s someone you can’t miss. Last year’s Defqon.1 set will leave you wishing to see him:

Crawling” leaves a very strong message against depression and even the first comment on YouTube is from Sefa saying “depression can go f*ck itself”, life does not always go as expected, but we must carry on! As Sefa intends to share his feelings, he highlighted the melody that will make tears roll down your face. It is the magnificent classic kicks of this young man that combine immensely well with the melody, Frenchcore at its best.

The “Crawling” video clip was recorded at one of his biggest concerts ever at Bootshaus in Cologne, Germany.

Will we have more of these concerts in the near future, beyond the Open airbed concert at Defqon.1? We have to wait to know!

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