With an absolutely insane number of releases in 2020 already, Kayzo keeps dominating the fusion between Bass Music and Alternative/Metal, this time joining forces with Bad Omens to deliver “Suffocate

Released under Kayzo’s very own label, Welcome Records, the track starts with a deep guitar riff and whispering vocals, then exploding and up filling the air with an undescribable and mesmerizing atmosphere. The vocals from Noah Sebastian’s (Bad Omens vocalist) then rapidly follow, allowing the track to breathe and grow leading towards the track’s climax.

Flawlessly capturing the essence of his voice, Kayzo then proceeds to have the track rise until reaching an abyss of what can only be discribed as absolute insanity. The heavy bassline created by the Texas based producer is mindblowing and will engulf you, taking over your body and soul in what can only be described as a fu**king banger.


Welcoming you once again to his Doghouse, the wonkiness in the drop is impressive and will no doubt please both his fans, as well as those reluctant in regards to the fusion between metal and bass music.

Following another beautifully composed guitar melody with vocals, the second drop arrives, with an intriguing saw like sound, making this one different from the first one.

2020 is looking promissing for Hayden Capuozzo (Kayzo), having previously released a collaboration with Ray Volpe, “Rules of The Game” with Lil Texas and “Battle Drums“, his very first this year with Atreyu.

It’s always interesting to see what else Kayzo has in his repertoire as all these tracks fall into different genres of the spectre, maintaining however, Kayzo’s essence in them.

Growing one of the most loyal fanbases in the scene, built around his personality and musical taste, his presence in nearly all major festivals is nothing to be surprised as his shows always deliver more than expected and his latest performance at EDC Mexico is a great example of this.

But enough talking, or writing in this case because what you really must do is listen to “Suffocate” by the man himself and Bad Omens!

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