One of those “forever unreleased” tracks from B-Front is finally out, and this one’s a collaboration with MYST. Premiered all the way back in 2018, this one finally sees the light of the day and wow, it is truly a dream collaboration!

The track kicks off with enticing and uplifting vocals about moving through difficulties in order to achieve your dreams. The beautiful melody then erupts and takes the front row. The track builds up together with the vocals and leads us through a climax filled with emotion, backed by an immense kick with distorted bass and the air-piercing melody. The break is quite short, with the melody keeping the momentum of the track up, with the vocals serving as a guide through the journey as we go. The second climax features a melody variation that keeps the listener holding on to his headphones a while longer until the track finishes.

It’s quite interesting as you can clearly see a bit of both artists here, it is a perfect mashup of both their styles. This is truly one of those collabs that we’d love to see happen once more!

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