A cross over among two styles is always something that draws our attention to, especially when we are talking about some of the heaviest genres within the Electronic Music spectrum, being them Hardcore and the Raw side of Hardstyle. The names behind this curious fusion are the one and only N-Vitral (one of the most requested DJ’s in the Hardcore scene) and Killshot (a name that needs no introductions).

Even though the official video clip has already been released yesterday, Raise Hell just became available on audio streaming platforms such as Spotify since today. From the very beginning of this hybrid tune it is clear as water what these two men of mayhem intended to do, given the fact that they have handed it a Metal vibe, mostly due to the gentleman responsible for the vocals, Disarray, and the acoustic bass that guides us, the listeners, into a seriously violent bag of kicks that clearly gives a reason why this name was the one to be picked.

Both N-Vitral’s oldest kind of Hardcore and the current one’s sounds can be heard in the delivered kicks, where Industrial and high pitch distortion stand together with Killshot’s RawStyle kicks, this time in a faster tempo than his fans are used to.

Be aware, this is a dangerous track to listen to if you’re not in a suitable place to inevitably raise hell with fast dance moves.

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