First of all, we wish Don Diablo the happiest of birthdays as today, February the 28th, this guy celebrates his 40th turn around the sun. Usually, the one celebrating is the one that gets to open the presents, but Don is a rather nice human and he just released his remix for Birthday by Anne-Marie.

That’s right, the dutch DJ and producer everyone keeps talking about for his next level moves on the Future House scene, is now probably celebrating his birthday with his friends and family, but he couldn’t do that without giving something to his fans.

This remix is the perfect representation of how an ‘old’ characteristic sound can evolve into something fresh, something new, something innovative. You can easily tell this is a Don Diablo track and at the same time notice how he took those sounds and transformed them into something refreshing.

Those intense basslines, joined by the quite singular brass sounds will just hit your face and will make you wish you were at a party dancing you heart out, with some of your friends just celebrating life.

You can now officially stream this one everywhere, so make sure you do and to wish Don a happy birthday!

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