We have a huge release today at Scantraxx Black, as Italian master Kronos unleashes all his power on Change Your Mind, a track that you will want to replay many, many times!

Right away you understand why’s the track named like so, given the vocals at the start. These give way to a very impactful kick that focuses on punchiness, which in turn gives way to yet another impacting kick, heavier on the bass. This is followed by another section that alternates between the two, separated by a very small break that doesn’t give party goers any room to breathe, keeping the momentum up. The break features the lead melody very prominently together with the vocals. The build up quickly leads you to the climax, and this one is amongst the most energetic ones we’ve heard in a while.

This one’s an amazing effort by Kronos that clearly wanted to do a very energetic, rough and “all out” kind of track. The soothing vocals with romantic lyrics fit perfectly amongst all the madness, and do their job well in balancing the roughness of this track.

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