The famed duo decided to stray away from all social media to focus on a future unnamed album, receiving tons of support from fellow DJ/Producers.

I cannot begin to imagine the size of the rock you’ve been living under of if you’ve never heard of The Chainsmokers. Climbing to new heights in 2013 with their admittingly dumb yet well-known “parody song” #SELFIE, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are now as popular as they could ever dream of being, rising to absolute mega world superstars and being amongst the lucky few artists who can brag about having more than 1 BILLION plays on a SINGLE track on Spotify.

Combining that with endless official remixes for pretty much everyone relevant on the music scene, three studio albums, countless residencies and shows and these guys have engraved their names on music history, while maintaining widespread respect on the dance scene.

With all of that, one can easily understand why their every move is surveilled by their legion of fans, always waiting for the next Chainsmokers track. And it was with exactly that in mind The Chainsmokers announced their social media retreat. On the announcement, the guys claim to be “…hard at work…” on their 4th album, feeling more creative than ever before. They further complement the announcement by inciting fans to “say hello if you see us”, rounding off with the promise of being “…back soon (ish)…”.

In the increasingly connected world we live in, social media promotion is key, and it seems that more and more artists have been withdrawing themselves from the “Notification Squad” to redirect their creativity towards music instead of witty and funny Instagram captions. In the words of Supreme Chanceler Palpatine: “A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one”.

 We’ll eagerly await for The Chainsmokers’ return!

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