Fresh off the presses we have Sub Sonik’s latest track, released on Dirty Workz, named The Rain! This artist has recently gone back on track with releasing and he’s been impressing us ever since with tracks that sit amongst his finest productions.

The Rain catches the listener a bit off guard given the soft and soothing start, with heartfelt vocals. It’s not long before the track starts opening up with an earth shattering melody and a mid-intro with a punchy kick with distorted bass that we can easily recognize as being the typical Sub Sonik sound. After this, we get a short break that leads us to the climax straight away, which adds the previously introduced percussion elements to the huge melody. The outro goes back to the soothing vocal part just for a few seconds, before closing things down with the heavy kick and menacing screeches.

After the amazing Brave and his album announcement, Sub Sonik just seems to be on a roll. After a period of having less tracks out, it appears that joining Dirty Workz late last year made wonders for him, and we sure hope he continues down this path, as he’s destined to great things, from what we can see!

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