We’ve all had the chance to see The Release, and the lineup. Many of us have already chosen their travel & stay packages as well, and even have their flights. But have you really paid attention at what you really want to check out at Defqon.1 and the surprises Q-dance has in store for us? Here’s your guide to what we believe to be the absolute highlights and shows you cannot miss in this year’s edition!

Starting out by the most obvious thing: the lineup. There are quite a few things we find interesting there, starting with the Wasted Lands that will have way more music this year, with three stages filled with amazing artists. If you know the venue well, you’re aware that between the campsites and the actual festival site there’s a “corridor”, and this is where these three new areas will be hosted. Artists like ANDY SVGE, DJ Isaac, Deluzion, Kronos, Sephyx, Sickddelz, Dana, Avi8, Dr. Rude and Kruelty will play there, so you’re certainly guaranteed to have fun.

There are more interesting tidbits on the lineup through all weekend. We start off with The Spotlight on Friday, which will have Sub Zero Project at the BLUE and N-Vitral at the BLACK. There will also be a Peacock in Concert show, along with a show called The Tribute that will honor a classic track, like there was last year at the UV. This moment last year was small, but really fun, hopefully there’s more to it this year!

On Saturday, we will have Atmozfears presenting his This Is My Story show at the mainstage, along with the world renowned Power Hour, Sound Rush presenting their album and Primeshock and Rebelion doing their big debuts at this stage. The mysterious The Qreator will also perform here, and let’s not forget the mythical Endshow! Over at the BLUE we’ll have young gun Invector doing a b2b set with Adaro, and Devin Wild presenting his The Inner Game act at the afterparty. At the BLACK we will have DRS doing a LIVE act, and GPF with their shenanigans (and a very… original name for their act this year). At the UV, Atmozfears and Sound Rush will be together, like at Impaqt, and Jay Reeve will hopefully put on a tremendous show like he did last year! At the YELLOW, The Sickest Squad will grace the stage together with Floxytek, catering well for those with a need for speed. The Purge is doing his album showcase at the INDIGO. The MAGENTA will be an absolute paradise for those fond of the early sounds this year, with a very special set from Adaro! Geck-o will also present a “Soul Train” act, and we’re rather curious what’s this about. We’d also highlight Josh & Wesz who always do smashing sets, and Frontliner, who will certainly play all his hits. Then we have the GOLD, and you can’t go wrong with names like Dano, Gizmo or Vince. The SILVER will be extra special this year, with b2b sets from the start to finish, and Ophidian & Thrasher is something we will not miss. PURPLE will have Shockwave this year!

On Sunday, we will have the usual Closing Ceremony, with Headhunterz, and Ghost Stories doing a LIVE act. Apexx is stepping up to decks at the all mighty BLUE, and also Vazard for a very special 10 Years of Spoontech set. On this day we will have what’s somewhat a surprise at the BLACK, with Audiofreq being booked for a set there! We will also have Sefa with his special Open Airbed Concert. At the UV, we will have Zany once more, but this time not with a DNA themed set, we’re rather curious to see if he’ll go old school or freestyle, and be surprised with his set! Sjammienators will be at the YELLOW for an energetic set, Voidax will get a very well deserved spot at the INDIGO and it appears we will have a Multigroove takeover at the MAGENTA stage on this day, and you won’t want to miss at least Dana and Alpha Twins! Sunday will be insane at the GOLD and there’s really too much to choose from, but Mad Dog and Nosferatu will certainly be two names that will get a lot of attention. SILVER will host Dolphin and Adamant Scream & Tymon, and PURPLE will host Radianze and Rogue Zero to top it all off.

Another interesting tidbits announced at The Release were the fact that Adrenalize & B-Front are preparing a follow up to Electronic Symphony, and the return of Breakfast for Champions! The area switch-ups this year will be simpler, with only the UV going indoors and switching with the BLACK on Sunday.

Are you read for the most amazing weekend of your life? We cannot wait for Defqon.1! Let us know how excited you are on our socials and be sure to check out the full lineup at Q-dance’s website.

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