You may feel like Bingo Players haven’t been around much, but they’ve been slowly releasing their own music and one of their classics just got remixed: Chop!

In fact, after the unfortunate passing of Paul Baumer, one of the members of the duo, Paul asked Maarten Hoogstraten – the other member of the infamous duo – to keep on creating memories under the name of Bingo Players and he did. Since then, Maarten has been releasing quality tracks and they never go unnoticed.

From Rattle, to Cry (Just A Little), to Knock You Out, these are some of the classics we’ll never forget. In addition to that, Chop, which came out back in 2008 did a lot of damage in several clubs back in the days.

Well, this one just ‘refixed’ by Oomloud and it is now the perfect dancefloor weapon for any DJ. With brand new basslines, the original essence of the record remained a constant, but the whole new and modern production techniques from Oomloud, just made it even better .

You can now stream it, so let us know what you think about it!

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