It is only a month that separates the true Hardcore lovers from one of the best (if not the number one) indoor events, coming from the biggest records label of the scene, Masters of Hardcore and it is now time to finally present you the official 2020’s anthem by the one and only DJ Mad Dog in a collab with another italian producer and vocalist, Dave Revan.

Artists on the top tier like these are used to a lot of pressure on their shoulders and quite aware about how fundamental it is to release a lot of tracks, but when it comes to such a special tune like this one, a lot of effort is given to it and no time is spared.

After a long time of rumors about who would be the creator(s) and how the anthem would sound, it is finally out and it was definitely worth the wait, here you will get to hear to some catchy synths, heavy kicks (Mad Dog’s style) and some references to the beginning of our beloved genre, Gabber. This is undeniably one for the records!

Magnum Opus is the name picked for this year’s edition and anthem, which is as special as no other in the past could be, for this one will commemorate the label’s 25th anniversary. The full line up is already available online, since it was uploaded about 3 weeks ago in a video on YouTube and here it is:

Keep in mind that you can also purchase this new tune at

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