Two producers we really like teamed up and the result is, as expected, rather impressive! Phrantic and Broken Element went in the studio to create Lights Out, a masterpiece that has Alee’s vocals as the cherry on top.

The track kicks off with Alee’s spoken word vocal and another soft vocal in the background, contributing to the overall mood of the track. We’re then led through an anti climatic section with a really deep kick and a screech that swallows the whole track, followed by a short burst of energy with a punchy kick. The aggressiveness and the distortion of the bass in the climax contrasts really well with the addicting melody characterized by a quick progression of notes.

If you’re a usual reader here, at least one of those guys shouldn’t be a stranger to you, as we’ve previously covered one of Phrantic’s latest releases, Cutting Edge. Broken Element is also an artist worthwhile of your time, who already put out quality releases like Through Our Veins, Dreamers and How It’s Done. Given the quality both of these artists have, we can almost say this is a match made in heaven! What do you think about this one? Let us know through our socials!

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