MYST has a new release, called Overloader, that really proves why he can be crowned as one of the most consistent producers out there! This is yet another quality release from a guy who never ceases to please his fans.

Right out of the gate we have two sets of vocals, one tribal inspired, and another one rap inspired, apparently sampled from a track from The Demigodz. We then progress with a very pleasant kick and a distorted bass that sits well underneath. In the break we can once again appreciate the vocal samples and then the melody comes into play. The vocal chop and pitching during the build up is interesting, along with the “fake drop” styled climax that’s just pure aggressiveness and adds intense screeches on top of all the previous elements. The second climax is more melody oriented and is just pure energy, finishing off this track in great style.

This is definitely not the first or second time we’ve mentioned this artist here, and it for sure won’t be the last given the quality and attention to detail he always has. Hopefully we’ll catch one of his performances during this festival season!

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