There has been a big hype when it comes to the next edition of Qapital, several DJs who are in the line-up went to the Q-dance Studios to warm up for what will be their set at the upcoming event, they warned that they will not forgive and that they will destroy the stage.

Speaking of the various themes that were announced a few days ago, the creator of this year’s anthem is Act of Rage, which has already played the anthem on some performances, you can hear the final result here:

The “Alpha Rebel” creating the “Alpha State” anthem, be ready to join the alpha community! This young man from Minus is More showing that he can take Raw Hardstyle one step higher and move up his career at a very high pace with his latest album “Outrageous” (you can read more about the album here) and now be responsible for the anthem of one of Raw’s biggest events.

Speaking of collabs, Ncrypta and Thyron also announced that they would have another collab on the way, as “Surrender“, which was their first collab, was one of the most heard on Thyron’s album “My Way” and given they represent “The Alpha Extreme”, they don’t want to let the fans down and decided to do another collab and they certainly won’t let us down.

Thyron also said in a stream that he had a collab with Fraw on the way, so we came to the conclusion that the set made by these guys from The Alpha Extreme should be well composed and ready to offer the most to fans.

In that same stream Rooler was invited to do a warm-up, you can hear the set here and see the interview:

Last but not least, Hard Driver! He presents “All Or Nothing” live, which is going to be a new act that consists of a lot of live edits and a lot of new tracks! A show not to be missed:

At the moment these are the news from Qapital and what fans are talking about on social media, make sure you follow us on social media too to keep up with the news!

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