The weekend has just started and it is now time to toss all the bad vibes far away and, to help you on that, Distorted Voices released his eighth Uptempo Hardcore EP that will, without a doubt, speed up your movements.

Big & Heavy is both the name picked for this powerful and violent pack of 4 new tracks and its first tune. As it has happened before to this young man’s previous 7 EP’s, this one was also released for the Hell’s Recordings Label.

We may advise you that the title was not chosen at random, here you will find 4 nasty tunes that come with a full pack of aggressive kicks on board. Here is the full track list:

  • Big & Heavy: This might be the intro of the EP, although, don’t expect any type of slower tempo. The track kicks off with some happy and funky vocals, but that doesn’t last long, for a few seconds later a high pitched punchy kick gets in control. This is more or less the track’s overall, a mix of some funky vocals and fast and heavy kicks.
  • Freek in het Wild: In this EP’s second part, you will get in touch with some more clean kicks, where the punch hits you so hard that a bass face comes out without you even noticing it. Later on, some more distorted kicks come along as well.
  • Pop Styla: In this third track, the kick gets in with a peculiar effect on its tail, where Distorted Voices applied a panning automation (also present in Oh Baby!, a track from Vandal!sm and the FrenchFaces), and you know what they say, “details make the difference”. You will also listen to a track where the kick is the main character with some short breaks where the vocals take over.
  • Shimmy: Here you will notice the presence of the vocals from Shimmy Shimmy Ya’s from Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but besides that, this last tune follows the same recipe as the previous 3 tracks.

You can purchase it and get the extended versions at or just stream it down here:

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