These guys may be a new name to your ears, but they’ve made their way amongst the best and Notalike‘s production techniques are actually top-notch on this new one: Down Low.

In fact, the duo formed in 2017, got their first release on a big label later that year and their collab with Dirty Ducks, Obsession came out as a part of the Fonk Recordings special Christmas EP and what an energy that one carried.

From that moment on, they’ve been releasing on several other labels, including Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings leading them to go back to Dannic‘s Fonk just last year, in 2019 and Do It Again, alongside We Am, became one of the grooviest drops of the year.

They are now officially back and this promising duo released Down Low on the lesser know Panther’s Groove. Don’t be affraid to check out some of the label’s previous records, as it is one of the nicest gatherings of some new producers.

Down Low is the perfect track if you want to keep your crowd moving and if you need that energy peak on your live set.

Take a listen below and let us know what you think about it!

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