On the 1st of February in Lisbon we were back at one of the events that’s been shaking up Lisbon’s night life. An intense experience as always, We Love Hardstyle did not disappoint, and this was a very special event for two reasons: first one was the fact that the headliner, D-Sturb, is one of the hottest stars of the harder styles at the moment and the second one is that this was celebration of Hard Dance Portugal’s third year in business, a venture that we here at Wide Future have had the opportunity to follow very closely.

The lineup was, as usual, mixed with national and international talents representing all kinds of harder styles, from Hardstyle to Hardcore, with some changes since our article on the event: national talent Alex T was included last minute, and KEVU couldn’t make it to their Hardstyle debut in the event for professional reasons.

The night started off with Alex T, who gave a good impression and set the mood for the rest of the night. His performance was filled with surprises that pleased us a lot, such as a few Hardstyle classics here and there and also a few of his own edits and productions from national talents, such as Dreamrz and Thom Hartz. One of the highlights of his set was presenting the anthem for The Promised Land, an event the artist will host soon in Braga.

Alex T and the Hardstyle Portugal family, reunited once more!

Following him we’ve had someone very well known to the Portuguese Hardstyle fans – In-Rush, the founder of the community. Having been here since the start, it was obvious that he had to take part of an event that celebrates the legacy of the harder styles in Portugal. His set was energetic, as always, and maybe a bit heavier than we’ve been seeing in his last perfomances, while still maintaining his own style. This was most likely his best performance in all of the events we’ve seen him – his playlist resonated well with the crowd there and his mixing was on point. He just couldn’t show more due to two unfortunate power outages during his set. Another highlight of his set was having Louis on stage presenting one of his latest tracks!

Portuguese Hardstyle master In-Rush in his natural habitat

We couldn’t leave the dancefloor to take a break just yet because right after there was Kaiser-T, the master himself rocking Nada Temple. His set started with a heartfelt Kobe Bryant tribute, and went on with the usual raw energy this artist got us used to. During his set he included tracks from artists that played in these events previously, in order to truly celebrate The Legacy. The crowd was off the hook here, completely in the mood to party and we really missed a set like this – in the last event he only played 30 minutes and although it was great, the more Kaiser-T, the merrier! There was also a power outage in his set, but this was solved so the following performer could show his high power

Kaiser-T is always a crowd pleaser!

D-Sturb was the one that everyone was truly waiting for. The dancefloor was already packed and going full throttle but things turned really intense here as he played hits like High Power and Feel It! He showcased a set worthy of his legendary status and also had time for some pictures with fans which was really great, and he seemed to enjoy his set a lot.

The unmistakable D-Sturb, and the night’s, MC Neeve

La Triada were up next and, of course, they had to keep the momentum going. But that’s not hard for this fearless trio from Spain, bringing in the heaviest Hardstyle in existence. They read the crowd really well, and went with the flow, playing tracks that really pleased everyone!

The masked trio did a crazy set again, and the crowd loved it!

To finish off the night we had B-Now and there’s really only one thing we’d like to say about this set: WOW! What a show! This set drained all the energy we had left with about 20 minutes of the heaviest Hardstyle and 40 minutes of the craziest Hardcore fist pumping and kick rolling session we’ve had. All the hits were there, from stuff like Payback up to Bare Knuckle Fist, and even some GPF insaneness to close the set. His mixing technique is irreprehensible, he even mixed some Bass elements mid set that fit perfectly and made a set that was full throttle on the gas without many breaks.

Too many BPM’s? DEAL WITH IT!

During most sets we’ve had the debut of MC Neeve, a party goer from the community that’s taking the extra step of being a host, and he did a good job introducing the artists, waking up the crowd after the power outages and on his interventions in general.

This was probably the most epic Hard Dance Portugal party to date, and the venue was more spacious than the last one, giving us some room to breathe. Smoking in the dancefloor was also prohibited and people mostly respected this, which was great. But not all was perfect – unfortunately the venue didn’t have enough water for all the ravers that came to party, with it ending halfway through, and the power outages were a bit of a deal breaker. The CO2 effects had to be cut as a safety measure to keep the power going. The venue was only accessible by elevator, so it took long before all the ravers were in, with many missing out on a big part of the opening set.

Something very important that’s worth highlighting was the sound system, which was really great! Big ups to Hard Dance Portugal and Kreativ Events for arranging this!

To finish off our review, a special thanks to the organization and the artists that keep pushing to make these things happen, and who keep bringing us unique events. This is what electronic music in general needs! And if you cannot get tired of these hard beats, get ready, because the organization will storm Lisbon again in the summer for a boat party! Stay tuned for that…

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