The Portuguese DJ/Producer has a new banger out, a collab with canadian Nostalgix entitled “Don’t Really Care”.

We’ve covered PEACE MAKER!’s tracks and antics before, and it’s easy to see why: real name Pedro Martelo, the bass house/tech house mastermind is a rising star, not only on the Portuguese scene, but bass stuff in general, following a critical 2019 which saw him release tracks under the wing of In/Rotation and much beloved The Boat House. A criminally understated and underrated talent, PEACE MAKER! brings new eyes and ears onto the dance music scene, showcasing his near infinite creativity with every release. And that’s exactly what he has done for his first track of 2020.

Don’t Really Care” is a collaboration with Canadian talent Nostalgix, part of the Rotate vol.2 compilation, unleashed to the public under Insomniac’s IN/Rotation. First premiered at ADE by both PEACE MAKER! and Nostalgix, it immediately received support by seasoned veteran Masteria. With a rumbling bassline and bouncy vibes at its core, the track features crisp vocals and contagious percussion, PEACE MAKER!’s identity is clear with this single. Meant as an underground, grimey anthem, “Don’t Really Care” certainly delivers, leaving fans and casual listeners alike wanting more from the talented Portuguese artist.

Stream PEACE MAKER!’s track down below!

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