All Hardcore heads are used to the fact that the Uptempo scene is getting bigger and bigger, which makes them believe that all the new talents tend to follow this line when it comes to music production. Well, GridKiller and Neophyte Records (the label in which he’s signed to) are here to combat that paradigm after a solid release of 6 tracks, being Hittin’ It Raw the last tune to come out from the young man’s mind.

Make no mistake, this is not (by any chance) a rawstyle track, although, there is a robust reason why this name was picked. In the extended version of Hittin’ It Raw, which is available at (where you can also purchase it), you will find an energetic intro that immediately prepares you for a fast and tough drop.

After getting hit by all these violent bombs, AKA kicks, there is a short break where the influence of the mainstream Hardcore vibes are clearly present. Low pitched vocals with lyrics that strongly contribute to the atmosphere that the lovers of this style are looking for, mainstream kicks just at the right number of BPM’s and a whole bunch of layered synths (that give life to his melodies) may be the reason why the fans of mainstream Hardcore should be looking at the course that this young man is taking towards a new breed of this particular form of Hard music.

You may expect new material from GridKiller in the near future, given the fact that Angerfist has already posted a “story” on his official Instagram account where he is in the studio among the dutch talent, but for now, here is the streaming version of his most recent track:

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