After letting his fans know that he’d be taking a new step in his career by announcing his All Or Nothing LIVE act at Qapital, Hard Driver shares more details on this and a new track with the same name!

Beyond the new live act, Hard Driver is promising to deliver new music each month this year and a YouTube series as well, which will hopefully be similar to a vlog format!

As for this new track, it starts off soft with soothing vocals. We’re then led through the track with a nice melody that ends up in another set of vocals based on the main topic of the track. The climax hits you right in the face in usual Hard Driver style with an insane bassline. One of the parts of the second climax has an interesting kick variation that seems more punchy and leaves a really positive impression when listened to on a nice pair of headphones.

Hard Driver never stops surprising his fans and this seems to be the start of a new era for this veteran producer. He’s one of the biggest flag carriers for Dirty Workz and we’re pretty sure this new phase he’ll be going for is going to take him to even greater heights.

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