A year has passed since one of the biggest and most admired artists of the Hardcore scene was treated in hospital and received a new kidney. After a rough period where Nosferatu had to postpone his DJing life in order to take care of his health, the big man is already back on his feet with all the power he has used his fans to and, this new year of 2020, seems to be proof of it with the release of 4 new tracks since Exodus 2020’s anthem came out, which makes it a five pack of new bangers within a lapse of time of only 1 month.

Primal is the second anthem made by Nosferatu for 2020, this time for the official Masters of Hardcore event that takes place in Austria. This fresh banger counts with the voice of MC Tha Watcher for its vocals, a man that has also 2 hymns on his back in this very same year after getting picked for Masters of Hardcore Russia 2020.

This tune gives you all the vibes you are looking for when listening to Hardcore, specially when made by such an icon of this scene as Nosferatu. A sinister pleasure comes within the synths combined with a bundle of heavy kicks provided by the Dutch producer, that makes it another respectable Masters of Hardcore anthem and you can purchase it right here.

Nosferatu has also released a three track EP for Neophyte Records Label, this time with a heavier and faster version of his sounds, where he collaborated with artists like Spitnoise, Angernoizer and Partyraiser.

When Worlds Collide brings you an underground style of Hardcore music, where the most distorted kicks are present and no time for a breath is given. You can buy it at hardtunes.com or just stream it down here:

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