Today, January 31, E-Force releases his first song on End of Line Recordings. He recently moved to said label, something we’ve covered before, and today he presents us a very intense track named The Stars!

As you can tell by the title, the track’s general theme is heavily influenced by the outer space, and the whole atmosphere makes us immediately think we’re flying through space! The mid intro is truly astonishing with an insanely bass heavy, punchy kick that’s out of this world, which leads to a melodic break featuring spoken word vocals. The first climax focuses on the roughness, while the second one joins the best of the melody from the break with some heavy sounds.

We have already talked a few times about E-Force and his impact on the scene and to this day he maintains enormous respect in Hardstyle for always maintaining a very high level of production.

End of Line Recordings announced from the beginning that E-Force would be ready to improve his production style in order to please all the daily listeners and fans of the label, and we can definitely see that E-Force has what it takes to step up to this imprint’s legendary status.

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