An amazing day for those that have been connected to the harder styles for a long time! Legendary producers Alphaverb & Intractable One released The Lost Hardstyle Classics, a compilation with some tracks that were missing from streaming portals!

As you may remember, despite the duo being active with AVIO LIVE performances every now and then, the label ran by them (AVIO Records) went radio silent in late 2018, with one Final Song, until now!

Since the middle of the month they’ve been going through the tracks available on this release, publishing them on Facebook together with very interesting tidbits about them. Many tracks got nicely polished, such as The Otherside, which is a live edit with the vocals re-recorded, the unmistakable Destination Nowhere, present here in the live edit version made for AVIO’s performance at Defqon.1 in 2018, and others have some crazy stories attached to them, such as Alphaverb falling off the stage at Matrixx while playing Freakout!. And did you know that there’s a surprise on the album? Perfect Imperfection is a new track from a project that was on a crashed hard drive!

There’s a lot that could be said about this album, so these are just a few highlights. Bottom line here is, this is an important piece of Hardstyle’s history that must absolutely be preserved and passed on to newer generations, and this is the right step towards that direction. AVIO is arguably one of the labels that helped push Hardstyle forward and that inspired artists that focus on heavier and darker sounds, that eventually led to what we associate to “Raw” Hardstyle. Regardless of whatever “box” we may put a certain track in, rest assured that in this album you will find Hardstyle in its purest form!

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