The dutch King of dance music chatted about what he felt upon retiring temporarily and his plans for his future and Revealed’s.

It has been a hot second since the DJ/Producer born in Breda stopped all of his shows, first announcing his hiatus back in September 2018, following a whirlwind decade which saw Robbert Van de Corput being crowned a 2-time no1 DJ in the world.

He strayed away from public appearances of any sort, leaving behind an incredible legacy and reducing his means of communicating with the fans to what really mattered: his music. Since then, Hardwell has kept releasing tracks steadily, reassuring fans that the King wasn’t dead, just in a deep slumber.

However, fans will be fans, and questions will always arise. After looking for answers to the “why” and “how” of Hardwell’s hiatus for almost 2 years, we now get out prayers heard with the new Revealed Podcast.

Premiering two days ago with its first episode, the Revealed Podcast intends to cast a bit more light into the minds and lives of its artists. After a revealing (pun intended) first episode with Swedish DJ/Producer KAAZE, the second episode brought back a voice most of us missed hearing: Hardwell!

Conducted by fellow DJ/Producer Domeno, Hardwell chats about music, fans, what he’s been up to and of course, the truth behind his sabbatical! Check it out in the link down below!

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