After his massive career move to Scantraxx and the first few successful tracks released there (including remixing a classic), Requiem shows us he’s loaded with heavy guns with Fire Power!

The track starts with a vocal part that builds up a lot of suspense, leading us to an energetic mid intro. The vocals in the break are all about fighting for what we want and for those we love, facing your enemies, united with those that stand with you! The climax then drops, with a simple, yet addicting melody. No surprises in the kick and bass, both strong and punchy as we’ve come to expect from this artist, but no surprises doesn’t mean unremarkable, on the contrary! After this, we have the second climax that gives the impression of being even more energetic than the first due to the variation in the melody, with it being continuous this time.

Requiem has been doing an astonishing job, with quite a few worthy releases in a row! And this one will surely be successful given how powerful it is and how meaningful the lyrics are, with unity as its main topic, as is the preference of those who love the harder styles. We’re very much looking forward to see what the future will bring for him!

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