The Canadian brothers who make the DVBBS duo will step back onto the Portuguese stage in the summer, promising a lot of energy and a big return.

Undoubtedly, the Portuguese know DVBBS for their energy, for the songs that have been released and for its frequent presence at festivals in Portugal. After a stop, the return to Portugal was unavoidable with the confirmation of their performance at RFM Somnii.  This festival is not a strange festival for the Canadian duo as they performed on it in 2014.

One of the curiosities of this performance is the fact that it is a live set with the accompaniment of guitar and drums, which leaves a lot of curiosity for what the duo can do, since it is an exclusive performance for RFM Somnii.

This is a return that for many fans who have become attached to DVBBS, who released the hit “Tsunami“, is viewed with good eyes. Although in the last two years they have changed their style to something calmer, they continue to present very energetic sets, always pulling the audience making it a spectacular environment. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Miss K8, Vini Vici, Tropkillaz and Mandragora have also been confirmed for RFM Somnii.

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